I have started this blog to provide a public journal in which to cover my journey to better financial skills and actions. I have carried a few thousand dollars in debt for almost five years now. Each year I have said to myself, “This is the year I will pay it off,” only to carry it on into the next year. Worse, each time I have found myself with a larger allowed balance, I have allowed the debt to grow.

So this year I have said, enough! This year I will either succeed in paying off the debt, or fail to do so publicly.

As for why I am posting under the name Catboy Steve, I wish to keep my work like and this blog separate and work already has my name publicly posted. As the “Steve” portion suggests I am a guy. I have chosen Finance Kitten as the name for this blog for two reasons. The first is to recognize that at the time I am starting this blog I am still a bit of a novice at anything beyond simply paying bills. Sure, I’ve done a bit of reading, but other than my 401k at work I have no investments and an all to small savings account. The second reason is as a reminder that no matter how much I learn I should try to keep the eager to learn Beginner’s Mind.

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